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Send locked files & charge to unlock them.

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Upload & Get Paid in 3 just steps !

A simple solution to avoid payment defaults when delivering your work to your customers.


Create An Account

The sign up process is very easy and should not take more than 2 minutes.


Upload Your Files

After signing up. You can use our platform to upload and share any type of content.


Get Paid

Set a price & share your files with your customers and and generate your income.

Our benefits

All File Type

Import any file type up to 10 GB. Ideal for importing your masters or source files. PDF, ZIP, JPEG, RAW, MP4, MOV.


An easy-to-use wallet to securely transfer your income to your bank account.

Easy to use

Unlockt is designed so that your customers can easily pay and download your files with just two clicks.


Unloclkt has a dedicated support team that that is ready to help you with anything regarding your account, payments or any questions you may have.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start using Unlockt ?

  1. 1. Open an account.
  2. 2. Upload your files.
  3. 3. Set your price
  4. 4. Send the link at your customers

When will I receive my payment after making a payment request ?

Once the amount on your wallet has reached the threshold allowing payment, you can cash out whenever you want. Once this action has been taken, it takes 7 working days to receive the money in your bank account.

Can I get a refund for a file I purchased ?

Unfortunately, Unlockt is unable to provide refunds unless your uploader decides to refund you.

What status do I need to have to use Unlockt ?

Any status! You can be an independent, a freelancer, a company or even an individual, you just have to think about declaring your income.

Unlock is free to use ?

Unlockt is free to install but we take 20% commission on the amount of transactions made.

What will be the currency of my sales ?

It is you who will have to define the currency of your transactions when opening your Unlockt account.